The Socialist Seduction for Well-meaning Christians

In general terms, the so-called separation of church and state is necessary. The church is an agent of the coming rule and Kingdom of Christ. That sets her apart from any other organization.

But the humanistic revolutionary separation of faith and politics is a very different and rather wicked idea. It has convinced generations upon generations that religion, and we mean Christianity, must be a private matter and not be allowed in the public sphere. If Christians comply, and some have due to their doctrine, believers are called a “sect,” a “parallel society,” “bigots,” and so on. However, if believers want to join the public debate, they are immediately reminded that religion must stay away from politics because there is a “separation of church and state.” Now which one is it? There is no satisfying the enemies of God.

Basically, secular humanists want Christians to participate in the political process but only on their terms. Thus, Christians must betray their faith and their conscience and adopt some secular ideology that properly fits the humanistic worldview, in order to be deemed suitable to participate in the public discourse and the governance of society.

 Seduced by this offer a lot of Christians adopt socialism as the next best thing claiming that the state must take care of the poor and believe that this stance is equal to evangelization. Error and deception. Socialism is the most twisted, perverse, and demonic doctrine for the church to embrace if it wants to have a voice in society. But satan is a great seducer and he knows how to minimize the effect of the true message of the Gospel — by watering it down and giving it over to the idols to mold it and deliver it.

 Thus, if you’re a religious Christian you must either renege on your right to a public message informed by your faith and values, or adopt the worldview of humanism and atheism for the purpose of joining the crowd-sanctioned political process. This is the case in most nations of the world which are moving toward the one world order. It seems that only in few spots Christian influence in politics, under the banner of “conservatism”, is holding down the fort of righteousness in secular government.



The sign in Russian reads: “To you a great honor has been given — with weapons in hand to defend holy ideas. — V. I. Lenin.” The “holy ideas” of socialism include “equality and brotherhood” at the tip of the bayonets of the red terror.


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