Trump Defeats the Lying Press

On Feb. 16, 2017, in a typical Trump-style the U.S. president delivered a fully entertaining statesmanship performance. He gave a press conference to elaborate on his administration achievements and policies. It was a pleasure to watch how comfortable he was with characterizations of the left-wing media in general and of the individual reporters. Such performance can be delivered only by someone who has a high level of self-confidence or by someone who knows what they are talking about. The impression Mr. Trump left was that in his case it was both.

One of the main points in question was the so-called scandal with former security adviser Mr. Flynn. Indeed the scandal with Mike Flynn is not about his conversation with the Russian ambassador but rather about the leaks from his phone call by the tax-funded government officials to the left-leaning press.

This kind of elitist media, obsessed with propaganda, not facts, can only, and must, be handled by men like President Trump.

YOUTUBE cap-trmppressconffeb16-2017VIDEO Watch the full video of the press conference here.



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